STL-FIG Membership Options

STL-FIG will host periodic member meetings to educate and connect female investors with female led investment opportunities. Presentation of investment opportunities are led by members and pre-approved by the Executive Committee.

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IMPORTANT TO NOTE: all members will be asked to agree to the following during the registration process (and throughout the duration of their membership):

Member Expectations & Fees
New members may officially join for 6 and 12 month periods – cycles renew automatically. Prospective members may attend as a guest one time. Members pay an annual or bi-annual fee to join. The fees will be used for costs related to meetings, training and administration. The fee will cover a 6 or 12 month cycle regardless of the number of meetings attended. Each term will automatically renew for an additional term unless otherwise terminated. The fees are subject to change. STL-FIG will notify members of upcoming renewal periods.

Accredited Investors
Members must attest to qualifying to the criteria of accredited investor as stated by the SEC here.

STL-FIG may terminate a member’s membership at any time without cause. Fees are not reimbursable.

Members acknowledge an obligation to retain trade secrets and proprietary information as confidential and should not be discussed outside of meetings.

STL-FIG is not a financial advisor. Neither STL-FIG nor its Executive Committee members are endorsing any deal or entrepreneur that is presented. All financial decisions are the exclusive responsibility of the individual member. Members shall enter into investment transactions of their own discretion and expertise. STL-FIG nor its Executive Committee shall not be held liable for losses incurred. Members understand that neither STL-FIG nor its Executive Committee guarantee any economic results for any investment by participation in the network.

A member should not solicit business from any other member, or any company discussed at a meeting. No member will distribute promotional materials without prior approval of STL-FIG Executive Committee. Neither the members, nor the membership list, nor the investment opportunities discussed, nor the database shall be exploited by any member for soliciting business.